• Version 2.11 - with English-Hebrew dictionary!
  • If you want to be informed by e-mail about new versions shipped - send e-mail to
  • Torah4U has two editions: with whole Old Testament or Torah (first 5 books) only.

1. Explore whole Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament) with English or Russian translation (5.5 MB)

2. Explore Hebrew Torah only (first 5 books) with English or Russian translation (3.4 MB)

If you have download problems, try to check another download page HERE and report to

Program requirements:

  • 12.8 megabytes free disk space for full Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament)
  • 7.3 megabytes free disk space for Torah (Hebrew Pentateuch)


  • Download or - be sure that you downloaded the whole file, which is ZIP archive.
  • Extract all files from downloaded ZIP file to temporary directory (note, that you need any ZIP extractor for this).
  • Run Setup.exe from temporary directory with unzipped files.
  • Press Help button for more details.
  • For troubleshooting see corresponding section at Torah4u.hlp.
  • Don't  worry about  DLL versions WARNINGS - in most cases it's OK.


  • Just install new version of Torah4U into folder with previous version.  All your data in the database will be preserved.

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